How to Make a Component Hand Receipt DA Form 2062


How to Make a DA 2062

Department of the Army Pamphlet 710-2-1 Using Unit Supply System (Manual Procedures) provides valuable information regarding the proper use and procedures for properly filling out a 2062 when controlling Component of End Items and Basic Issue Items.  Chapter 6-2, Components Hand Receipt Procedures, describes the component hand receipt as “an item description of the end item followed by a list of all components.”  The user accepts responsibility for the end item and its components when they sign the component hand receipt. The legend below provides a description of each block of the 2062 for your reference.  If you want to view an example Component DA 2062 please click here.  We at hope that these references aid you in the development of your own Component Hand Receipts on a DA Form 2062!

Legend for Component DA 2062

Completion instructions by column or block for DA Form 2062 as a component hand receipt.  Note. When using the preprinted DA Form 2062, most of the data for the following instructions will already be printed.

(1) Title: Line out “Annex Number.”

(2) From: Enter the name of the organization, unit, section, orsquad which issues the property.

(3) To: Enter the name and rank of the person receiving the property (pencil entry). TOE/MTOE/TDA/MTDA paragraph, line number, and job title may be added as optional information.

(4) Hand Receipt Number: Enter a locally designed number.

(5) End Item Stock Number: Enter the stock number of the end item. Enter LIN if the item has one.

(6) End Item Description: Enter a description of the end item.

(7) Publication Number: Enter the description of the publication that contains the Basic Issue Items List (BIIL), Components of End Items (COEI) list, Additional Authorization List (AAL), mandatory discretionary components or other components list for the item.

(8) Publication Date: Enter the date of the publication listed in the “Publication Date” block.

(9) Quantity: Enter the number of the listing when the hand receipt is used as a component hand receipt or hand receipt. When used as a hand receipt annex for shortages, enter the number of end items to which the annex applies.

Column a Enter the stock number of all components of the end item.

Column b Enter a description of each component of the end item.

Column c Enter the accounting requirements code (ARC) of the component (pencil, ink or typewriter entry).

Column d Enter CIIC formerly, SEC of the component (pencil, ink or typewriter entry).

Column e Enter the unit of issue of the component (pencil, ink or typewriter entry).

Column f Enter the quantity authorized to be on hand (pencil, ink, or typewriter entry).

(A thru F)

1. Enter the quantity on hand for each component listed. When used as a hand receipt annex for shortages, enter the quantity short for applicable components. Line out all unused blocks in columns with recorded quantities.

2 . Advance  all  quantities  to  the  next  column  when  quantities change. Quantities must be advanced when changing hand or sub-hand receipt holders.

3. The person receiving the property will sign, enter his or her rank, and date the proper quantity column on the last page (ink

entry). The last page is the last numbered page. It may be an odd or even number. The last page may be reserved for signatures only. (The original page will have an original signature; the copy may have a carbon signature.) When using the component hand receipt as a hand receipt shortage annex, the person filling the position identified in the “From” block signs and dates (ink entry) the last page under the last recorded item. The current responsible person must validate shortages.

(10) Page: Self-explanatory.Note. Make all entries in ink or typewriter unless otherwise stated.


If you need a blank 2062 in Word, Excel, PDF, or XFDL click here to to our homepage.  If you want to view pre-generated DA Form 2062s for some common U.S. Army equipment click here.

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  1. Hello,
    This may be a JV question. However, I’m a new PL and trying to do the right thing.

    Can I have more than 2 pages for a 2062? I have Strykers which have enough items to fill 5 separate 2-page 2062’s. If so… where can I find a 2062 that has more than a front page and only 1 back page?

    Thank you for any help you can give.


    • You can use the 2nd page of the document as many times as you need. If you have a 5-page document jus tprint one copy of the first page and four copies of the second. Make sure the bottom right of each page accurately reflects the page numbers.

  2. Caleb, you can have multiple pages to a DA Form 2062. You can find the form on Find and open the 2062 form and click “NEXT” on the top right corner of the opened XFDL file.

    Hope that helps.

  3. Sir,
    You can use as many pages as you need for a 2062 on equipment, such as shortages or HR’s. Just use the second page for all your other entries and label the pages 1of1 2of4 and etc….

  4. Jonathan P. OYen

    You may use as many copies of a DA Form 2062 as you need. Ensure that you number the pages accordingly – I.E., 01 of 0X, 02 of 0X, and so on and that all the above data is entered uniformly on each page used for a like item – Set, Kit, or Outfit.

    Also, when a 2062 is used as a hand receipt, you must cross out “ANNEX NUMBER” on the top, left corner.

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